Benefits of Honeypots

In my previous blog I discussed Port Scanning. In this blog I would like to discuss another method used to protect servers from attackers using Network Honeypots. A Honeypot is a sweet looking server, at least it’s intended to look sweet to the attacker, similar to how bears view honey. Honeypot is an additional security protection that can be used alongside a firewall this will help to protect your network from hackers.

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DO’s and DON’Ts of Social Media Screening

After the initial screening is done and a few potential candidates are shortlisted, the next thing to tick off is the background checks. Companies usually refer to ex-employers and referees for validation. Most often than not we tend to look them up on LinkedIn to verify their corporate information

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What Is A Botnet?

Malicious actors build botnets by infecting connected devices with malware and then managing them using a command and control server. Botnet architecture has evolved over time. the bot herder...

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