Red Team

Red Team Engagement is a testing method to detect security flaws within an application software program or a network.

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Breach Assessment is an in-depth technique to uncover indicators of intrusion and exfiltration by a malicious actor.

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Threat Intelligence provides timely information about breaches that are visible for external observers. threat intelligence indicators that are needed to help the organizations quickly and effectively remedy the breaches.

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Security Operations Center

Our SOC houses an experienced information security team responsible for monitoring and analyzing an organization’s security posture on an ongoing basis.

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DeltaSpike Cyber Security Solutions

Technology has dramatically changed the way people think and work. Organizations have recognized the need to transform the way they do business through digitization. Upscaled digital connectivity along with Machine Learning (ML), Artificial intelligence (AI) will be key drivers of the modern business world.

We offer close-to-heart, esteem, personalized and monogramed cyber security solutions and guidance which is integrated with secured technology, that is needed to manage the much-needed IT infrastructure in any organization for a smooth continuity. Our extensive expertise with proven best practices has enabled many organizations globally to operate with ease, uninterrupted from cyber incidents.

Our kindred’s deep technical capabilities and unique ability to manage varied global technologies have enabled us to assist a range of diverse sectors in overcoming their cybersecurity challenges for business continuity.

We provide a vast array of services from Managed Security Operations Center (SOC), End Point Detection and Response (EDR), Red Team Assessments, Breach Assessment, Threat Hunting, Digital Forensic, Malware Reverse Engineering, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT), Cyber Security Gap Analysis, Compliance to Cyber Security Training.

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