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Why Us

We are our
Customer’s People

Tune in with us for the greater good of security, diversity and resilience.

Why Us?

We are a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) and a novel of Limra Holdings; progeny of its 27-year legacy. We are the globe’s premier innovative cyber security agency combining the strength of over a century of cyber champions.

Our Expertise

We believe that we are customer’s people, equipped to empower, with close-to-heart cyber security services! We serve along with an experienced and matured technical team and partnerships of secured technology to carry out well- versed Managed Services and Specialized Services via our Security Operations Center (SOC).

Work Flow

We have developed a new language for business that reflects the new logic of value creation to outthink and outpace potential cyber threats with ease. Our inspired efforts deepen relationships, strengthen culture, and builds an enduring capacity for growth and change.

Core Values

Our craftmanship is instilled with Confidentiality, Integrity, Readiness & Nonrepudiation. We aim to serve you round the clock as our cybersecurity studios are worldwide. Our innovative analyst who understand their threat landscape, work tirelessly to keep our clients safe through the well-versed cyber security services provided by DeltaSpike.


We are dedicated to providing timely delivery with a prosocial commitment in establishing reliable processes, sustainability, and continuous development for powerful business outcomes. We take care of your digital environment, while you focus on doing business. We are your cyber security service studio.




Hear what our Deltaverse employee has to say

Employees consistently express their enthusiasm for working at our cybersecurity company. They value the dynamic environment that encourages creative problem-solving and continuous learning.


I feel valued and honored to work for DeltaSpike. DeltaSpike has a great team who works together to achieve a common goal which is providing the best of the best cybersecurity services to its clients.

DeltaSpike drives me to my goals and my passion. DeltaSpike gives me the job satisfaction I have longed for. I consider DeltaSpike a great place to work.

Deyao Seow

Delighted to be a part of the cybersecurity excellence at DeltaSpike! As someone passionate about safeguarding digital landscapes, joining this company has been a game-changer. The expertise and dedication that DeltaSpike brings to the table are truly commendable. I’m proud to contribute to a team that prioritizes innovation, stays ahead of threats, and ensures watertight security for our clients. Working here has not only honed my skills but also given me the satisfaction of being at the forefront of cybersecurity. DeltaSpike is the place to be for anyone who values cutting-edge solutions and a collaborative, fulfilling work environment.


DeltaSpike was my first choice of workplace, right after my degree. An important aspect that helped me transition from a university to a workplace was the close-knit community built within DeltaSpike. I call it family.

I constantly felt that I belonged and that we were inspired with exciting challenges that helped us foster our abilities.

So, no day is the same, there is always something challenging or out of the ordinary happening, keeping us on our toes. I mean what could you expect from a cybersecurity company? There is always going to be a sense of alertness combined with new learning opportunities.