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FortifyGuard: Your Shield in the Digital Realm – Comprehensive Cyber Security Services

Close-to-heart services to pro-actively identify vulnerabilities and threats.

Detection & Response

We aim to detect and respond to threats within your environment providing support for undertaking proactive measurements to safeguard your business on 24X7 basis via our Security Operations Center (SOC).


Extended detection and response, is designed to provide integrated visibility and threat management within a single solution, dramatically simplifying an organization’s security architecture. Endpoint detection and response is focused on protecting the endpoint with real-time continuous monitoring, providing in-depth visibility and threat prevention. DeltaSpike aims to identify your threat patterns in a hassle-free setting with dedicated support on detection, analysis and remediation.


Comprehensive detection and response integrate a blend of enhanced detection and response mechanism for all devices of your digital environment embedded with threat intelligence, advanced analytics and remediation. DeltaSpike will proactively manage your threats on all devices. DeltaSpike holds the promise of integrating several products in a cohesive, unified manner providing faster and better security outcomes.

Specialized Services

We strive to ensure that you have access to the most needed cyber security service at a snap of a finger. This is made possible with the specialized services which is also provided as an Add-On feature that is available as and when you require.

Threat Hunting

An essential exercise that proactively investigates the potential compromises, detect advanced threats and improve cyber defence. DeltaSpike orchestrates an exhaustive and iterative process with purpose-built tools to conduct manual and semi-automated series of on hypothesis for Indicators of Compromise (IOC) and Initial Vectors of Compromise (IVOC) with efficiency.


Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) is a testing method to detect security flaws within an application software program or a network. VA is an evaluation of a network and/or web application’s security posture. PT is an evaluation of a network by simulating an actual attack using the same methods a hacker would gain unauthorized access. DeltaSpike stimulates potential attacks to identify vulnerabilities in your network and rectify it immediately.


Digital Forensic and Incident Response is a process that involves deep investigation, analysis and comprehension of digital data for uncovering a security incident including contextualisation of an attack and gaining wholistic visibility across digital infrastructure. DeltaSpike shall engage on rapid detection, triage, investigation and resilience strategies along with actions intelligence during the engagement.


Training & Consultancy

Our experience in cybersecurity has enabled us to tailor-make training programs for military, technical professionals, and general staff that provide a comprehensive understanding of detecting and managing cybersecurity threats.

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