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eCon Int. Launches

Event aims to facilitate capacity building of operational IT teams in network security monitoring

eCon Int., a community initiative set on elevating cyber security benchmarks across Sri Lanka, will launch as a collaborative platform for the country’s growing community of cyber security experts by hosting its inaugural forum on 3rd April 2019 at Mandarina Colombo. The forum – titled ‘Practical Monitoring: How to Improve Your Monitoring Capabilities’ – will serve as a fast-track foundation for Systems Engineers, Security Analysts, IT Managers and Consultants on applying cyber security functions and tools across local IT ecosystems. Operational IT teams can greatly benefit from the forum by understanding how to establish internal security operations, analyzing and interpreting digital threats, and building required skills for strong network security monitoring.

With the overarching objective of building a formidable local community of cyber security experts in Sri Lanka, eCon aims to address the lack of public forums for engagement and collaboration for this growing target audience in the country. All eCon events plan to be vendor-neutral knowledge sharing sessions that will not only foster community collaboration, but also nurture a sense of responsibility across the local IT community towards safeguarding and controlling our cyber ecosystem. For the first time in Sri Lanka, cyber security experts will be offered a hands-on opportunity to test and deploy the latest tech advances against data breaches and online security risks. The event will also set a strong foundation in building a network of like minded cyber security experts who aim at raising the bar high on local cyber security benchmarks in Sri Lanka.

The event will consist of three sessions; session one will follow the opening guest keynote, and will focus on the Elastic Stack (the latest evolution of the ELK stack) – an integrated stack of open source products used to manage, monitor and analyze logs across organizations. The session will cover the basics of Elastic Stack, and show participants how to build a fully functional open source SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) with a winning combination of the Elastic Stack and other open source tools.

The second session will emphasize on managing a company’s security health via continuous monitoring with OSSIM – open source security information and event management solutions. During this session, participants will be encouraged to self-evaluate and procure open source SIEM solutions before investing in big-budget vendor-based SIEM products. The third session will take form of a Catch the Flag (CTF) challenge for participating security experts, to assess individual skill levels in a live demo environment that will give a glimpse into how real world, real-time threats are identified and eliminated. The forum will conclude with a closing keynote followed by a networking session for the community.

Considering the growing threat of cyber crime and the continued escalation of regulatory requirements across the globe, cyber security is increasingly gaining widespread attention from local IT teams looking to implement effective monitoring across businesses and enterprises in the country. From Log Retention and Monitoring, to SOC (Security Operations Center) as a Service or Manage, Detect and Response (MDR) solutions, IT teams can utilize a myriad of progressive cyber security technologies to build a strong monitoring foundation and gain greater control of the security posture of their organization. Through its inaugural forum and a few more similar events that are scheduled to follow soon after, eCon aims to narrow the growing gap between global cyber security regulations and local cyber security practices. The forum will be held on 3rd April from 1:30 – 6:00 p.m. For more information on the forum, visit or email

About eCon

eCon Int. is a community initiative launched by DeltaSpike Global Services with the objective of providing an open forum for cybersecurity professionals in Sri Lanka, enabling them to communicate and collaborate as one community. Having identified the growing gap between Sri Lanka in its understanding and application of cybersecurity in everyday life with the global landscape, eCon aims to narrow the gap through forums, discussions, competitions and capacity building sessions, enhancing skillsets of cybersecurity professionals in Sri Lanka and nurturing an open platform for mentorship, collaboration and information sharing.